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The Designers


The Simmons Design Group aka: S.D.G was started in 2001. We are a collaborative group of employees at Simmons that are responsible for designing Creating, testing and developing New Goalie Equipment. We use the expertise of all employees to come up with new concepts and products.

Here is a bit of insight on how a piece of equipment is designed.

1.) We write down and draw out some main sketches and features of the new piece of equipment.
2.) The idea is then brought to the factory where the first prototype(s) are built.
3.) The graphics and logos are done by the whole team and even our Goalie Equipment World Members chip in with ideas.
4.) The Graphic Designer lays out a complete template of the graphic and logos for the Factory to use as a guide when applying them to the equipment.
5.) Our top Factory Builder / Supervisor then builds the first complete Prototypes.
6.) The S.D.G. then posts this information to the Goalie Equipment World website review and comments.
7.) The Product line is finalized and tested by our Equipment Specialist Sales Staff and customers.
8.) The product then is added to our production schedule and ready for sale.

As you can see we use the expertise of the Highest Quality Equipment Manufactures (Over 20 years in manufacturing professional ice hockey goalie equipment), Equipment Specialist Sales Staff (All of them Goalies), Graphic Designer (Goalie as well), as well the input and ideas from our customers. All of this Collaboration results in a Top Level, NHL Quality product that is something that we are all proud to put the SIMMONS logo on.