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Service and Repair

Simmons makes goalie equipment here in Buffalo.  We have the tools, specialized sewing machines and material in-house to fix just about any gear that a hockey goalie wears.  Our craftsman are extremely capable whether it’s a simple strap replacement or a complete rebuild of your dad’s vintage Lefebvre’s.  Come in and see our Pro-Sharp skate sharpener and goalie skate profiling machine.



Local Sharpenings Price Price through October
Single Sharpening $7.00 $5.00
Local 4 Pack $24.00 $20.00
Local 10 Pack $50.00 $40.00
Profiling $40.00 $35.00
Yearly Unlimited Sharpenings (Local or Mail in) Price
Single Player 1 set of blades $150.00
Single Player 2 sets of blades $200.00
Bar League Special 15 players $1,300.00
Travel and High School teams 20 players 2 goalies $2,000.00

UNLIMITED Skate Sharpenings:

Yes, it does say UNLIMITED!  We are offering unlimited skate sharpenings for a year from the time of purchase.  You can sharpen your blades once per day for every day of the year. This is the best way to save money for the hockey season.  Most players spend up to $400 a year on sharpenings. You can now get the unlimited plan for just $150 for the season saving up to $250 a year!  Also for unlimited members you can purchase your first set of Tydan Performance Blades for 20% off and any set after for 10% off.


At Simmons Hockey we are able to provide professional skate sharpening and profiling for all players.  We are Western NY’s first ProSharp which offers the most consistent and professional grade sharpenings for all players and goalies.  The ProSharp is designed to provide perfect, repeatable pressure along the entire length of the blade. No more “banana” blades or rounded toes that you get from the big box stores. The ProSharp automatically measures and centers the blade perfectly on the grinding wheel each and every time. No need to worry about uneven edges. 

More info coming to the web soon.


Testimonials –

“What a difference with that profile!!! The stability glide and acceleration was noticeable. I like it a lot” –  Travis M. – Quad Zero Profile

“Just wanted to thank you guys for fixing my blades. After you guys sharpened them I have had amazing skates thanks again” – Jordan B.