Comfortable solution to help medical workers with face mask elastic


We would like to take a moment to thank all of the workers deemed “Essential” that are the heartbeat of our Country. From the front line medical staff working in the Covid units, all the way to the truck drivers and grocery store workers. You all have proven this month that you are vital to our country and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The most important and scarce PPE required by front line medical staff such as N95 respirators and surgical gowns are FDA regulated medical devices, and thus require FDA approval for manufacture and use in the healthcare industry.  We have submitted our names to New York State to convert our facility to PPE manufacturing and have expressed our interest in seeking FDA approval for the manufacture of these items.  At this time that we will NOT try and acquire materials for PPE production, potentially removing those already scarce materials from the supply chain that could be used by manufacturers that are already FDA certified.
As a former paramedic, I understand the stress on our front line healthcare staff and the day to day issues that come from having to wear PPE for an entire shift, day after day. Hopefully, we can help the warriors in our local hospitals be a little more comfortable during their day to day duties.  Surgical masks, which are worn by a majority of healthcare workers right now, attach to the wearer’s face by looping around your ears. The very thin elastic, with constant use, causes significant irritation to the ears. I have started to make surgical caps with buttons sewn in behind the ear which will allow wearers to loop the mask there, removing the pressure of the elastic from the wearer’s ear.
This is not considered PPE by the state of New York which means that we are not permitted by law to bring our staff in to assist. We are getting some help from those who can work from home.  We are also looking for partners to help raw material.
Edit:  As of 5/16/2020 we are proud to have delivered hundreds of Ear-Savers.  We were able to donate almost 1 for every 2 sold, with most of the donations going to our friends at ECMC and Roswell Park here in Buffalo.  Thank you to everyone who helped contribute!  With talk of the economy coming back on-line we are ending production of the Ear-Savers.  There are a handful remaining if you still need one please send us an email or call.