Goalie Chest and Arm

When it comes to chest protection there are a number of opinions.  Many people who play a blocker style of goalie feel that a loose-fitting chest protector will take up more space.  At Simmons we believe that every chest protector should allow goalies to move freely without having to worry about impact from a puck.  To us, this means that the shoulders should fit comfortably inside the shoulder cups and the elbows should fit squarely inside the elbows of the arms. The arms should reach up inside the shoulder protection and down just above the wrist bone, about to the location of where someone would wear a watch.  Whether you tuck your chest protector into your pants or not, it should reach down to your pant beltline. This allows space for your chest and pants to overlap protection while you move without binding, or gaps in coverage.

We have pre-configured sizes in stock however, we prefer to size the arms and body separately to ensure proper fit.  Because we make our chest and arms protectors in-house, we can custom make them to fit any size.

Proper sizing is critical, however it is important to know that Simmons chest and arms protectors have adjustability in the elbows, the backplate location and in the arm/shoulder joint to fine-tune the fit to your body.  

Whenever possible we suggest trying on your chest protection with your mask and neck guard.

If you’re not sure what size chest protector will fit you, please click on the image below and fill out our custom sizing form so that we can help.