Goalie Mask

Simmons 962 Pro-Level Goalie Mask won’t let you down. Our 962 masks are handmade specifically for Simmons Hockey by Fusion Goalie Masks in Canada.  Our masks feater a longer chin and improved coverage for the back of your head.  Hand laminated fiberglass with multiple complete layers of carbon and Kevlar covering the entire inside of the mask in separate layers. This mask is the best of both worlds with the stiffness and strength of carbon fiber, yet the impact toughness of Kevlar. Although completely lined in kevlar we include additional reinforcement in high impact areas like the forehead and chin.

Fitting A Goalie Mask

A goalie mask has to fit snugly. This allows the shape and composition of the shell to equally distribute shot pressure while minimizing the risk of injury. An improperly fit mask will cause poor visibility and increase the risk of injury. A properly fitting mask will decrease the risk of injury and increase visibility.
Snugly wrap a measuring tape around your head approximately one inch above the eyebrows near the middle of your forehead.
Loosen the chin cup and push the mask tight to your forehead.  Start with the top snap of the harness located at the top-center at the back of the mask. Adjust until the backplate comfortably fits the contour of your head while holding the mask snug to your forehead.  Adjust the rest of the harness snugly, working down to the bottom of the backplate.  Finally, tighten the chin-cup.  Whether your mouth is open or closed the chin-cup should maintain constant contact with your chin.