Original ‘Sham SweatBands’ brand mask sweat band

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After playing goal for many years and having the same complaints as many goalies about sweat dripping into your eyes come the third period. Sham decided to make a sweatband even better.

These are the Original Sham Sweatbands not cheap knock offs. They have a special foam core that has been tested to hold 1/4 cup of water. The special material used has HGT (Head Gripping Technology) built right in. As the material gets wet, it does not slip like terry cloth does, it actually grips the forehead just a bit. Holding your mask in place better, especially late in the game.


These are the Original Sham Sweatbands.

  • These are made with top of the line material. No need for extra velcro to be added to them like some knockoffs.
    Because of the quality, they adhere to the rough (hook) velcro found in most mask with out any issues.
    And as you use and wash them they get “furrier” and stick even better.
    Just use then toss in the wash and then hang to dry, no dryer.
    They are very durable.
    They also feature “HGT ” (Head Gripping Technology) built right in. As the Sham Sweatband gets wet they do not become slick like old terrycloth sweatbands.
    So they will not have your mask slide around late in a game.
    Simply the best sweatbands on the market today.
  • We offer three versions:
    Thin (Blue)
    Extreme Thin
  • Sweatbands are sold indiviually
  • www.Shamsweatbands.com*Please note if the extreme thin is desired in notes

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