Skate Service and Repair

At Simmons Hockey, we are able to provide professional skate sharpening and profiling for all goalies and players. We are Western NY’s first ProSharp provider offering the most consistent and accurate skate sharpening for all players and goalies. The ProSharp is designed to provide perfect, repeatable pressure along the entire length of the blade. No more “banana” blades or rounded toes that you get from skate sharpening at the big box stores. The ProSharp AS2001 automatically measures and centers the blade perfectly on the grinding wheel each and every time making it the machine of choice for many professional teams. No need to worry about uneven edges or over grinding.

You’ll love our skate profiling and sharpening; guaranteed!

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Testimonials –

“What a difference with that profile!!! The stability glide and acceleration was noticeable. I like it a lot” – Travis M. – Quad Zero Profile
“Just wanted to thank you guys for fixing my blades. After you guys sharpened them I have had amazing skates thanks again” – Jordan B.
“I absolutely love them. First time in months that my back hasn’t hurt after playing. I can definitely feel the difference in tight turns” – Kerry – Quad Zero Profile
“My Son just got home from practice and said he will never skate without that profile again, he did not have to change anything at all, stability everything is perfect” – Goalie Sam Junior Profile
“My son is not the greatest skater. Hes a house league player and is just out there to have fun. This profile really got him comfortable being “on his toes”. We will be back to get his spare set done as well!” – Bill – Quad Zero Profile
“I’ve skated on them 4 times now and love them already! Shuffling is already a lot easier and the height of the blades help me push when I’m in a butterfly! ” Ellie – Goalie Sam Profile
“The quad 0 profile is helping my 9 year old alot. I see a huge improvement with balance and stability -=- also starting to bend his knees more. Thanks for helping my boys out” – Quad profile

“I weigh 175 lbs, use a 3/ 8 ” hollow. I really like the maneuverability the front 10′ profile allows, while the flat middle and 27 ‘ profile at the back allows for pushes. It’s sort of a hybrid between a player skate profile, and a later day Goalie profile.(skate profiling for goalies has come a long way since I started with the nearly flat 108’ radius steel). I am a 61 year old Rec Goalie, play Oldtimers and mixed hockey. I definitely recommend the Goalie SAM profile.” – James from BC, Canada

It’s **** from St. Bonaventure, skates felt great tonight! Only took about 10 minutes or so to get adjusted and could feel the difference in ease of movement. Glad you talked me into the profiling!!! Didn’t feel labored toward the end of any drills like I would before. Only issue was the pushing off while sliding felt a little funky but like you said it forced me to correct to more of a centered push instead of majority toe – Goalie Sam profile (1/22)

Gerry skates really well with the profile you did on his true skates. The quad xxs with the pivot point moved 20mm. Thank you for this. – quad profile (12/21)

Just letting you know my son absolutely loves the goalie sam profile you put on his skates yesterday!! He said it was weird at 1st, but skated twice Tuesday and today and said he is so excited because he feels more confident on his edges now too!! Just want to say thanks for bringing this up to me when I was in for you to ‘fix’ his skates that someone screwed up. I’ll be back this week to have his other set of steel profiled and possibly get a 3rd set of steel for a back up! Thanks!! – Goalie Sam Profile (1/22)

I forgot to text after I got off the ice last night but the profile was great. It didn’t feel like it was an adjustment at all when I stepped on the ice and I definitely felt a difference in all of my movements while I was on my feet – Goalie Sam Profile (1/22)

Frequently Asked Questions –

Q: After I get profiled, Do i need to come to you and pay the 40 dollars for profiling every time I get sharpened?

A: No! Once profiled, you can get normal sharpenings. If you go to a shop that does manual sharpenings, we recommend having your skates re-profiled after approximately 10 sharpenings– as the nature of manual sharpenings can change your profile over time. If you come to us for your sharpenings, the design of our ProSharp sharpener will maintain your profile and not require re-profiling over time.

Q: Can you profile skates while I wait?

A: Our machine requires changing wheels from profiling to sharpening and the profiling process takes about an hour. We are unable to take walk-in sharpenings during this process. Due to this, we require you to leave your steel overnight. We do NOT require you to leave your skates unless you have skates without removable steel. We have tools to remove steel if you are unable to do so yourself.

Q: What kind of skates can you sharpen and profile?

A: We can sharpen almost any kind of skate.

Profiling can be done on both player and goalie skates. Our ProSharp has a number of different options for each type of skate to suit all ages, abilities, and playing styles. If you are interested in profiling, please contact us or stop in the shop and we will discuss your individual needs to get you in a profile that suits you best.

Q: Can you profile my new carbon lite runners?

A: At this time, we are NOT servicing carbon lite runners under any circumstances. We do not recommend customers purchase these.