Goalie Equipment Sizing Guides

We are the World Leader in Goal Equipment Sales and Service. We can accurately fit any goaltender regardless of size, age, level or style of play no matter where you are on the planet. Just follow this guide and contact us at 1-800-598-9298 if you have any questions.


Before ordering there are specific measurements that are required to ensure a proper fit. All measurements should be done as accurately as possible and should not be exaggerated. We will take growth into consideration if requested. A proper fit is the key to being properly protected. This also allows the goalie to play at the best of his or her ability.  Standard information required for any purchase are; HEIGHT, WEIGHT, AGE & LEVEL OF PLAY.  When ordering a catcher, blocker, chest/arm or stick we also need to know the hand you catch with.

Having this information on hand before contacting us allows us to efficiently assist you in selecting the proper equipment.



A goalie mask has to fit snugly. This allows the shape and composition of the shell to equally distribute shot pressure while minimizing the risk of injury. A properly fitting mask will decrease the risk of injury and increase visibility.
MEASURING INSTRUCTIONS:  Snugly wrap a measuring tape around your head approximately one inch above the eyebrows near the middle of your forehead.
ADJUSTMENT:  Loosen the chin cup and push mask tight to your forehead.  Start with the top snap of the harness located at the top-center at the back of the mask. Adjust until backplate comfortably fits the contour of your head while holding mask snug to your forehead.  Adjust the rest of the harness snugly, working down to the bottom of the backplate.  Finally, tighten the chin-cup.  Whether your mouth is open or closed the chin-cup should maintain constant contact with your chin.


Please Provide all of the following
The top two straps on a goal pad should be worn loose. The first reason is most knee locks, knee cradles, and thigh guards, hold you in the pad and allow the pad to move properly with your leg. The second reason is your goal pant should break across the top of your knee cap, riding behind the top of the pad, this double coverage increases protection and allows for better mobility.
MEASURING INSTRUCTIONS: In bare feet (no shoes,) measure from the floor, straight up the outside of the leg to the middle of the kneecap, as pictured on the left. Now slide the tape up and measure from the center of the ankle bone to the middle of the knee cap. Please write down all of these measurements as well as the height, weight, age and level of play. With all these measurements we can ensure a proper fit when you call or make sure they are entered on the pre-order request form.
HOW TO TIE A TOE BRIDGE LACE: Lay pad face down in front of you. Crisscross strings through front of skate. Cross again through middle of skate. Pull lace tight keeping toe of pad just on top of skate blade. Tie bow on top of skate. If string is still loose rotate pad until any slack is gone.




The most common question we have been asked by parents of beginner goalies is; what are the advantages of a goal skate over a player skate? Protection of the shell is first and foremost. The blade is not as tall giving a lower center of gravity. The blade is flat, not arced, leaving more blade in contact with the ice which gives better balance. The boot is not as high allowing for more flexibility in the ankles, alleviating strain on the knees.
MEASURING INSTRUCTIONS: Use one sheet of paper per foot. Wearing a sock you would play in, place foot in center of paper and trace as accurately as possible. Do not trace between toes, keep toes together. Draw a straight line through the foot as pictured on left. The placement of the line is not important. Measure the length of the line from where it touches the heel, to where it touches the toe. Write the measurement, name and phone number on each foot and fax it to us at (905) 871-8088. The tracing gives us information on the length, width and arches of the foot to allow us to correctly fit a goal skate. The length of the line is not used to determine foot length, it is used to ensure the fax has transmitted correctly. Please do not add to the length. It will ultimately add to the width of the foot as well.
CORRECT FIT: Loosen the laces so the foot can be slid forward and the toe can touch the front of the skate. With knee slightly bent one finger should fit snugly between the heel and the back of the skate.



Sizing a Goalie Stick