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Goalie is probably the most team dependent position on the team.” – Tim Thomas
Tim was spot on!  We understand that hockey is a close-knit community, and for most of us that play this sport has meaning to us that goes far beyond our time on the ice.  Some of my longest-lasting and closest friendships have roots in hockey.
Here at Simmons Hockey, we appreciate being able to work in the hockey industry and contribute to goalies and players every day.  If you have the chance to come in and talk shop, you’ll quickly learn that we are a group of gear nerds who can go on and on.  We have started putting our experiences and thoughts on paper to share.  We hope you find this portion helpful.
Only a goalie can appreciate what a goalie goes through.” – Jacques Plante

John Stuart
Goalie, Simmons User and Managing Partner
Simmons Hockey

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