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A Letter to our Customers

Dear Valued Simmons Customer,

For more than 30 years, Simmons Hockey has proudly provided NHL Quality goalie equipment at a significant value to our customers.  The new Simmons ownership team was specifically selected due to our commitment to continue the great tradition of Simmons quality, performance and value. Our management team is investing to ensure that you have access to the absolute best quality products, service and support.

All equipment will be manufactured to the same high standards, and with the same quality materials that the Simmons brand has been known for. We pride ourselves on manufacturing in North America.

We anticipate being able to fulfill orders in time for the fall hockey season.  Please be patient as some products may have a longer lead time during the transition.  Orders can be placed through our website, email or call 716-794-0303. We will work with you to communicate timing for specific products so that your expectations are met and exceeded!  For customers ordering products during our transition phase, which is through September 2019, we will be offering discounts on select items to thank you for your ongoing loyalty to Simmons. Please reach out to us for details and thank you for your continued support.

John Stuart

Goalie, Simmons User and Managing Partner

Simmons Hockey