Custom Goalie Equipment Specialists

We specialize in building long-lasting, high-quality ice hockey goaltending gear.  As we continue to get comfortable in our Buffalo, NY manufacturing location, we’re slowly adding items and resources to help goalies.  If you haven’t seen it, check out the tech talk section of our website where we talk about things like skate profiling and toe ties.  We have also new products and services including Bladetech steel, custom pro-sharp profiling and new Simmons toe ties.  If its not listed or is out of stock just email or call us and we can build our gear to your exact specifications.


Elastic Strapping for the 1000 series Hybrid Pads:

Previously only available for the Ultralight line, our updated elastic strapping system is now available for the retail 1000 series leg pads.  Below are a few reference images on a set of 34″ double break pads.  


Check out some of our inventory here.  Please call or email if you don’t see what you’re looking for.



New for 2021 there are a few updates to the 1000 series catcher as well:

We have updated the catcher backhand for improved comfort, breathability as well as the hand strapping.  Our new multi-stage catcher break in process is now being implemented on every catcher we make.  Call us if you would like a practice palm, skate lace pocket, single or double tee, or a ball hockey specific catcher.




Simmons Elastic Toe Ties 2.0



  Email or call 716-794-0303 to make an appointment.  

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