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We specialize in building long-lasting, high-quality ice hockey goaltending gear.  As we continue to get comfortable in our Buffalo, NY manufacturing location, we’re slowly adding items and resources to help goalies.  If you haven’t seen it, check out the tech talk section of our website where we talk about things like skate profiling and toe ties.  We have also new products and services including Bladetech steel, custom pro-sharp profiling and new Simmons toe ties.  If its not listed or is out of stock just email or call us and we can build our gear to your exact specifications.

The Matrix 4 Goal pad, now available!  Currently made to order, email us at or call us to set up your order. Pictured is the stock graphic, with 1090 catcher and 1000 Matrix blockers*

The design of the Matrix 4 was chosen with the loyalty of our dedicated customers in mind. Our customers expect a high quality, durable, affordable pad that is not manufactured in China. The Matrix 4 is manufactured in our facility in Buffalo, NY using some of the highest quality materials available to the industry.

The Outside-
Goalies will recognize the Clarino synthetic leather used to build the Matrix 4. This material has been the industry standard for durability and performance for over a decade, and Simmons customers will recognize it as the material traditionally used in our equipment. We are using very high quality nylons and polyester that have been proven over time to be very durable under the extreme demands of goalies. Care was taken to reinforce wear areas with jenpro where needed to increase the service life of the pads. Our hook and loop fasteners have a very high service life and all of the elastic straps are user replaceable– no sewing required. All pads come with elastic toe ties, an adjustable webbing boot strap, and an optional/removable knee sling and outer knee velcro wing.
The Inside –
The focus when choosing a core material for the Matrix 4 was to create a pad that would maintain its shape and stiffness for a longer period of time. The industry standard primary core material for decades has been Plastazote foam. Due to the severe price increases in this material, many manufacturers have started to use lower cost foams that perform very well in the short term, but do not have the long term durability of plastazote. We elected to use a full inch thick of plastazote from the knee- up in the Matrix 4 which will help extend the useful life of the pads. Most manufacturers are using 3/8 of plastazote and using lower cost foams behind the front layer to save cost and weight.
The Matrix 4 was strategically designed to lower the overall weight while still being able to use a slightly heavier core material. The fully loaded 34+2 pad comes in at 5 pounds with all optional strapping and toe ties attached.
The Design-
The design of the Matrix 4 was chosen with the traditional Simmons customers in mind. We saw the desire of adult league goalies to play a modern butterfly style, but most leg pad designs on the market today are focused on the younger players. As we all know, your hips stop working as well as you start to age, so many goalies struggle with keeping their 5 hole closed with the mass marketed pads.
The shape of the core is designed to optimize 5 hole closure while still being comfortable while standing. Many customers have expressed their concern about not being able to get a “double break” pad that they are used to. After discussing their options, a vast majority of these customers want a double break pad because the first thing they do when they get a new set of pads is shove them under a bench to create a “curve” in the rise. This allows them to get better 5 hole closure. The design change of the Matrix 4 eliminates the need for this extreme curvature. For most goalies, it also eliminates the need for an excessievly large thigh rise. We have successfully moved our +3 thigh rise goaltenders to a +2 rise and have received feedback such as “i never thought I would be able to close my 5 hole at my age. These are amazing”.
Goalies with better hip mobility need not panic. By switching to a +1 rise, you get the benefits of the better closure without worrying about the rises interfering with each other. We have multiple AAA goalies in our gear this past season and they have been very pleased with the performance.
Stock graphics can be orderd with any traditional colorways. We have access to almost every NHL color Clarino (we do not have seattle teal), as well as some colors being available in a weave option. We are currently working on a solution for a web customizer, but this is not currently available. The customization process is done on a customer by customer basis at this time.
We are also able to do custom “cut and sew” graphics. Pricing for these orders are calculated on a case by case basis. Some custom graphics that are simple (such as spikes, swooshes, etc) and supplied by the customer as a “finished” idea can be done at no upcharge. There is upcharge for more intricate graphics as well as graphics that are designed by our team.
Despite using larger quantities of expensive foams and the increased costs of maintaining manufactureing in the USA, Simmons Hockey is able to offer affordable pricing by selling direct to consumers. Cutting out retail partners allows us to offer some of the most affordable custom gear on the market. Our current USD$ pricing is $1600 for leg pads, $480 for catchers, and $350 for blockers. For our Canadian customers, pricing can be converted by using todays exchange rate. We do not have separate CAD pricing, it is just our USD pricing plus exchange. These prices do not include shipping and do not include any upcharge that might be imposed for custom graphics.



Check out some of our inventory here.  Please call or email if you don’t see what you’re looking for.



New for 2021 there are a few updates to the 1000 series catcher as well:

We have updated the catcher backhand for improved comfort, breathability as well as the hand strapping.  Our new multi-stage catcher break in process is now being implemented on every catcher we make.  Call us if you would like a practice palm, skate lace pocket, single or double tee, or a ball hockey specific catcher.



Simmons Elastic Toe Ties 2.0


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